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Immunization 101 training

Immunization 101 Course: Parts One & Two

The Immunization 101 course includes:

  • The importance of immunization training
  • Vaccine storage: How to properly store vaccines to maintain their effectiveness
  • Patient assessment: How to determine which vaccines are indicated for your patient based on age, medical conditions, and proper spacing of doses; includes vaccines required in Nevada schools
  • Vaccine administration: How to prepare vaccines and use the proper dose, route, site, and needle size; comfort measures; medical management of adverse events
  • Vaccine Q & A: How to answer common questions about vaccines; personal stories about vaccine -preventable diseases

Part One

Hosted online and comprised of the core modules, wherein learners explore the basics of immunization, vaccine-preventable diseases, techniques, talking points for communicate with parents and patients, and best practices for vaccine storage and handling.

Part Two

This in-person training offer learners hands-on immunization administration training performed by a licensed medical professional, screening for contraindications, Nevada WebIZ best practices, and review how to manage vaccine reactions, among other best practices.

The course is free and available to healthcare professionals at any time through our online training platform. Click the course link above to get started. Upon completion, a total of three (3) Continuing Education Credits (CEU) are available for nurses, pharmacists, and community health workers.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a training at your provider office, please email Breanne Van Dyne, Education Manager.