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When COVID-19 Symptoms Don't Go Away

Matt Breslow's COVID-19 Long Hauler Story

Matt Breslow was being cautious when he contracted COVID-19 in June of 2020. He wore a mask, worked isolated from others in his office and took no excessive risks, but he still got COVID-19. While his period of infection wasn't too bad — loss of taste and smell, general fatigue — things started changing in the weeks and months following his COVID-19 infection.

Matt Breslow was fit and healthy before getting COVID-19

Young, healthy, fit and active, COVID-19 has destroyed Matt's health and deprived him of the ability to work or even exercise. His symptoms continue to change with new ones appearing even a year after his initial diagnosis.

Matt got COVID-19 before there was a vaccine available. All of us now have the opportunity to get vaccinated and prevent an outcome like his.